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Are you awesome? Are you Finnish? Are you a descendent of the Lehto and/or Forsman families of southern Alberta? Do you like genealogy and old family photos as much as I do? Are you a family member stopping by just to be polite? Any one of these things is good enough, so WELCOME! Hopefully you can find something new or interesting here. I've spent many years digitizing family documents, photos, and doing genealogical research to trace our finnish ancestors, and hopefully this will be a satisfactory home for it all.

Unfortunately, because the internet is also home to more creeps than legitimate genealogists, the fun stuff like family trees and photos are password protected. You'll have to login to view the majority of the content on this website, and can do so by registering for a free username here.

As I write this, the site is less than a month old, and I barely have a sample of my photo database uploaded as it is. If you're underwhelmed with the lack of content, please check back regularly as I have so much more to add. Ultimately, I hope to expand to include other branches of my family tree and related projects that I've been working on, but I'd like to get this one right first. If you notice any errors, omissions, boring profiles, etc, please don't hesitate to let me know so I can make them a priority.

Special thanks to Mary Elliot & Ruth Kujala and their families, as their desire to 'hang onto everything' made this website possible.

If you would like prints or digitally restored, retouched, high resolution copies of the images on the website, please contact me for more information. You can come over and look at the originals in person if you want, but some are quite mouldy and dusty and might give you respiratory illness and an empty bank account from handling.



2017.06.29 - I'm working on different techniques for embedding metadata into my photos, so they're an inconsistent mess and I'm hesitant to upload more until I've decided on a standard. Details! F#$%!!